General Rules:


You can view all previous bans / comm blocks below.

  • Do not advertise, especially gambling sites.
  • Do not harass other players.
  • Blatant racism and sexism is not allowed. Minor jokes are fine.
  • Do not encourage other players to break the rules, or attempt to trick them into doing so.
  • Do not impersonate other players or staff members.
  • Do not use exploits in the game, maps, or server plugins.
  • Do not attempt to evade bans.
  • No mic/chat spamming. Msuic is up to admins/moderators to allow it or not.
  • No toxicity or threatening/intimidating players.
  • Admins must follow the rules and have final say about decisions on a server.
  • Any unspoken loopholes in any rules are up to the discretion of staff members.
  • It is required that you speak English, failure to do so may result in a mute. Sorry its not racist it’s a United States server where the majority speaks English.
  • Use common sense, if you think something shouldn’t be said or done it probably shouldn’t be.